Arthur Windsor
Personal information
Full name Arthur Windsor
Age 15
Birthday May 17, 2015
Godly Parent Athena
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blond
Sexual Orientation Straight ish


Mother- Athena

Father- Prince Harry

Occupation Camper
Reading and shit

That was not in the book!

Arthur Windsor is a character in the Roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. His face character is Ewan Mcgreggor and his mun is David.


Early LifeEdit

Conceived at a ball by Prince Harry and Athena, once born he was entrusted to an American Admiral who lived on a plantation near Monroe Louisiana. As he grew he became an avid writer and an unyielding leader, he cares not for excuses and was tutored from early on in the ways of both land and sea warfare. He became a ruthless pilot and bested even Top Gun graduates when he "Accidentally” flew into restricted airspace, for shits and giggles of course. He even excelled when his father sent him to Navy Seal training at the age of 11 to learn discipline, it should be noted the primary motive failed miserably but he was worthy of any seal team.

He had few friends though everyone in town knew his name and his horse’s name,you see when he was not training or flying he prowled the many properties in search of those who needed an extra hand or company on a rainy day. When he could not find anyone or did not wish to assist he spent his time at the library, blazing through books like a teacher grades papers, quick but attentive, he has a perchant for getting up and pacing to expound upon his thoughts allowing them to run their course before continuing.

When he was alone and had no ambitions or motivation to do anything he liked to curl up with a cat and his favorite pen and let his mind wander, creating stories of gods and kings, never realizing, never chasing the hint that followed him everywhere, never finding the irony of this.

At Camp Half-BloodEdit

Arthur did not find out his demigod status through a satyr or any magical creature for that matter, it was Athena herself who took Arthur to camp Half-Blood, she didn’t say anything to him, he was simply flying one day and he as suddenly over Long Island sound with engines failing so, he ejected right into the dining pavilion at dinner with Athena’s mark hanging above his head. Athena later sent him a package through Hermes with his bag full of essentials and a letter that simply read, “Sorry about the plane, but it was long past time you knew.”


  • He has a cat named Athena
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