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Elliot Cray
Personal information
Full name Elliot Cray
Age 17
Birthday December 23rd
Godly Parent Demeter
Gender Male
Ethnicity White (af)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Gay


Mother- Demeter

Father-Sean Cray

Occupation Camper
making plants grow, sword skills, speed-reading

“I don’t want to say that you are completely in the wrong here, but at the same time…”

—Elliot Cray

Elliot Cray is a character in the Roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. His face character is Freddie Highmore and his mun is Jordan.


Early lifeEdit

Elliot was born in Ireland, where Demeter was originally drawn to his father, Sean Cray, as he owned an old farm on the outskirts of Dublin. Elliot was born, and grew up without knowing about his powers, only assuming he had a serious green thumb. School was uneventful, up until he was nine years old, when he was attacked by a two-headed dog. he managed to use his powers to strangle his attacker with vines.

His father had always known Eli was a demigod, and wanted to stay in Ireland, but as Ireland was closer to Rome/Greece, more monsters attacked, driving them across the Atlantic to Boston, where Eli’s father inquired at Camp Half-Blood after attacks still came in strong. Elliot arrived there at the age of 12.

At Camp Half-Blood Edit

He found it hard to make friends, due to his typically quiet and introverted nature, but his intelligent humor gradually earned him appreciation among most people. Eli was happy enough, without close friends but with plenty of people to be friendly with.

However, his relationship with his father worsened, as Sean began to have the classic “blaming the kid for monster attacks” reactions while Eli was at home. Elliot eventually snapped, and became a year-round camper, and has been so for over a year.


Elliot is a very soft sounded boy. He has never talked much, and usually doesn't have a quick temper. He is also very witty, but with his all-around shy demeanor, but it's not always shown.


Elliot is fairly scrawny, with dark hair and fair eyes.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Wit
  • Speed-reading
  • Skilled with a sword
  • Making plants grow (strangle enemies, poison ivy, etc.)


  • He is, and this a exact quote, gay as fuck
  • He knows some Spanish
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