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Estrellita Rosales
Personal information
Full name Estrellita Dulce Marisol Rosales
Age 16
Birthday June 24
Godly Parent Apollo
Gender Female
Ethnicity Hispanic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Pansexual


Mother- Maya Rosales

Father- Apollo

Occupation Camper
  • Light Bending
  • General Apollo Powers
  • Advanced Sense of Music

I like to think of myself as a character from a Spanish soap opera. One second I’m throwing you a welcome-to-the-neighborhood party and the next I’ve murdered your baby, had sex with your brother, seduced your 3rd grade teacher, and stole your dog.

—Estrellita Rosales

Estrellita Rosales is a character in the roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. Her face character is Selena Gomez and her mun is Ella.


Early Life

Estrellita is a very short, very feisty first generation Mexican American who lives in Florida with her mother, Maya. She is the first in her mother’s family line to be born in the United States and takes great pride in her heritage- even moreso than the Greek within her. She speaks Spanish and English, but prefers her favorite of all: Spanglish. As a daughter of Apollo, she connects greatly with music through the artform of dance. She loves to explore in all different types of dance but prefers Latin, Ballet, and Jazz the most. Not stopping there, the ambitious girl practices intermediate gymnastics that she incorporates in her fighting style.

At Camp Half-Blood

When it comes to fighting, she prefers hand-to-hand combat, as she is not as great at archery than her other siblings. It makes her kind of sad to see her brothers and sisters bond over the sport at a higher mastery than her, and secretly feels like it’s kind of shameful to not be a pro at it (considering that it’s one of her father’s main skills.) Fortunately or unfortunately for her, she can share the common bond of having dyslexia and ADHD with them and other campers. In the scenarios of monsters, Capture the Flag, or mock-fights, Estrellita prefers to be more of a follower than a leader. She doesn’t like being in the center of the battle as she has learned to accept that she is not the best fighter or thinker.

The demigod enjoys the social life at Camp Half-Blood, gossiping and talking whenever she can. When first meeting Estrellita, one will immediately notice her spunk. Her friends know that she a terrible liar and cannot keep a secret to save her life- literally.


Estrellita is very bubbly and cheerful. She has a spark of snark and loves forming close relationships with anyone possible. Talkative and happy, the girl has earned the nickname 'sunshine' by many people.


The girl has long, brown hair that falls in waves. She appreciated the use of makeup and takes pride in her appearance. Estrellita is short but doesn't reveal her true height, liking for people to guess. She has brown eyes and tan skin, breaking the stereotype of how a 'typical' Apollo child' is supposed to look.

Powers and Abilities

  • Light Bending
  • General Apollo Powers
  • Advanced Sense of Music


  • She snorts and answers questions with questions when lying
  • Es likes to give nicknames to everyone she meets
  • She's deathly allergic to peanuts
  • She has a Yorkie back in Florida named Ratón
  • Her best haiku (in her opinion): “Refrigerator. Tuna fish salad with cheese. Trampoline jaguar.”
  • Taylor Swift is her main idol
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