Jon Griffin
Personal information
Full name Jonathan Griffin
Age 15
Birthday 16/03/2015
Godly Parent Apollo
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Eye Color Gold-Brown
Hair Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Pansexual


Mother - Amy Griffin

Father - Apollo

Occupation Camper
  • Light powers
  • General Apollo children abilities

Could you stop offering my toes as a sacrifice?

—Jon Griffin

Jon Griffin is a character in the Roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. His face character is Charlie Rowe and his mun is Jordan.


Early LifeEdit

Jon was born and raised in Jacksonville with his single mom, Amy.
Amy was a high-octane businesswoman, who rarely got out to see the sun, apart form week-long trips with Jon to Naples in West Florida where she had met Apollo during a College vacation. Jon swears he once payed for a donkey ride on the beach when he was seven and instead got a lift from a horse-man.

When Jon turned 12, his Mom then decided to send him to a boarding school in Albany for no obvious reason. Jon attended there grudgingly, as he had wanted to stay in Jacksonville. His bitterness caused him to be suspended twice in his first year at the school. It was there, however, where he met Palmer Fields, his best friend.

While getting the train back to Florida for Summer break with Palmer during his third year at the school, Jon was attacked by a Laistrygonian giant. It was then that Jon discovered his power, and he used it to burn the giant. But the dying giant derailed the trian whilst it thrashed around. Jon survived, as did the other mortal passengers, but Palmer was killed. He died in Jon’s arms, just as other demigods arrived to bring him to Camp Half-Blood, where he has lived for two years as a Summer-time camper.

At Camp Half-BloodEdit

Since Palmer’s death, Jon has grown to have a strong hatred for most monster’s, specifically Laistrygonians. This hatred can sometimes get him into trouble during battles, as the urge to prove himself by defeating any monster he comes across.
This turn of his personality can urge Jon to throw himself headfirst into battle.


Jon is generally happy, and he finds it easy to make (or lose ) friends. Sometimes he can act overly confiedent, even when he doesn't feel it. Some would say he has a natural “surfer guy” mannerism. Most of the time, Jon is easygoing (bordering on lazy) and funny.
However, he finds it very easy to lose hope and control at times and he becomes very cynical. He can get agitated and angry if people mock or insult him, as he is actually quite insecure about himself.


Jon doesn't look like your typical Apollo child. With brown hair, golden-brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin- the boy looks more like his mother than anyone else.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • The ability to produce light
  • Archery competence


  • He has dubbed himself "The Human Flashlight"
  • Jon is a sucker, and easily sparks a crush.
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