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Lei Walkman
Personal information
Full name Emberly Lei Walkman
Age 18
Birthday June 4, 2012
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Gender Female
Ethnicity Mixed (White and Black)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Pansexual


Mother- Aphrodite

Father- Bryan Walkman

Step-mother- Alexis Walkman

Half Sister- Kia Walkman

Occupation Camper
Charmspeak, archery
Lei Walkman is a character in the Roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. Her face character is Halsey and her mun is Lilli.


Early LifeEdit

You could say that Emberly has Southern Hospitality running in her blood. After all, it’s impossible to stay in the south long without picking it up. However, when your father is one of the biggest authors around, you learn that someone’s always watching. Her natural poise and grace have saved her in many situations, and the lifestyle she lives is fit for a queen. If you were to see her in the tabloids, you’d have no clue that she actually hates it all.

Deep inside she’s a true rebel, expressed thoroughly through her edgy style and interest in controversial topics. She constantly changes her hair and speaks out when no one else will. If one of the boys at school hit on her, she would hit right back. Hard. Her words can crush a person’s soul and for good reason, too. Monsters aren’t fun to have around anymore than the paparazzi. She’s found that with a well placed threat, she can send her enemies reeling back to whatever sleazy hole they came from.

The key to Emberly’s heart is to read her poetry. Since she grew up in Paris for the first five years of her life, most of her works are written in her first language. But if you dig deep enough into her pile of poems, you’ll find some in English, too. She writes as a way to channel her emotions and only let’s her very close friends see her poems. She hopes that one day her words will make her as popular as her father.

At Camp Half-BloodEdit

The week before sixth grade, Lei had a total identity crisis. She sat in front of the mirror, pitying the young girl staring back at her. Her hair was a dull brown and her eyes matched. To say the least, she hated it. So on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, she sat and stared at herself, willing her appearance to change. After five minutes, just as she was about to give up, her hair turned red. She blinked, sure that it was just her imagination, but there she was, red haired and everything. She then spent the entire afternoon trying out different hair colors until she found the perfect shade of blue, the color her hair is now. One week later, a gorgeous young lady came to visit her and introduced herself as both Aphrodite and her mother. Lei loved it and loves to break Aphrodite stereotypes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Love, the bow
  • Charmsing (Siren)
  • Changes appearance
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