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Oliver Nakamura
Personal information
Full name Oliver Nakamura
Age 17
Birthday February 18
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Gender Male
Ethnicity Asian American
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Label-Free


Mother- Aphrodite

Father- Unknown

Occupation Camper
Charmspeak, ????, ????

No More.

—Oliver Nakamura

Oliver Nakamura is a character in the Roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. His face character is Ryan Potter and his mun is Ella.


Early LifeEdit

Oliver doesn’t care for the fancy things in life because, to be honest, he thought that he would never reach that level of success. He was satisfied with the simple necessities of food and a roof over his head. Unfortunately, sometimes even just getting that was a struggle for the young boy. Moving from abusive household to another, Oliver was a member of the corrupted government system known as Foster Care. He spent his time saving books about birds and learning as much as he could about them. The swan was his favorite, but he never knew really understood why.  With a tragic backstory, Oliver just didn’t see himself as something special. More of a burden.

Every day he wasn’t sure he was going to survive. Not to mention, monster after monster that attacked him on a daily basis. For some reason, when it came to these strange creatures, Oliver had enough confidence to talk to them in the face like he practiced in the mirror everyday. And for once in his life: they listened. They did what he told them to do. What he didn’t know was it was because he had the power of charmspeak. If he spoke with more confidence to the people around him (or even at all), people would have listened more. Oliver was excited to see a new monster, seeing them as friendly, because all he would have to do is tell them to do something and run. When talking to a real human, he stuttered, disrupting the magic of charmspeak. His nervous tic ruined his chances of realizing he had the power of being confidence around anyone.

At Camp Half-BloodEdit

Aphrodite claimed him in a huge display, like she usually does for her children. He broke down crying, knowing that this sealed the deal. He was officially a demigod. Oliver is the new kid on the block and is learning with each day.


Oli can be described by a few words: shy, quiet, crying spells, passionate.


He has short black hair and brown eyes. He inherited conventionally attractive characteristics from his mother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Charmspeak
  • ????
  • ????


  • He's a newbie to Camp Half Blood and has no idea what is going on
  • If you talk to him about birds, he'll open up to you much faster
  • He speaks with a mild stutter
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