Scarlett Walker
Personal information
Full name Scarlett Walker
Age 19
Birthday 25 April
Godly Parent Hades
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown/Black
Sexual Orientation Bi



Father- Hades

Occupation Camper
Talking to the deceased, sword fighting, respected

I guess that’s the beauty of it. The surprise.

—Scarlett Walker

Scarlett Walker is a character in the Roleplay group, The New Camp Half Blood. Her face character is Alexandra Daddario and her mun is Alma.


Early Life Edit

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about your life’s end, about death, about oblivion? I bet you thought about it sometimes, but forgot about it in some minutes. When it happens, it’s always a terrible situation. You feel how your existence is small in this world. Imagine thinking about it all time. Welcome to Scarlett Walker’s life.

Scarlett always thinks about it. About how small she is in the game that is this planet. About the next generations of demigods, that may forget her. I think Scarlett’s childhood really helped in this terrible process.

She was not raised in poverty, but her mother haven’t had a really good condition. The money she earned at her job couldn’t even afford the fixed expenses. Scarlett felt the pressure on her shoulders. All she wanted was to make her proud, to make her feel like all the struggle, all the sacrifice was worth. But she couldn’t achieve all these goals she set for herself. Scarlett was a terrible student, and felt really bad, knowing that her mother struggled that much to afford everything and she couldn’t achieve anything. She thought she was a failure.

Scarlett knows what is being a loser in one day and being feared in the another one. It happened when she arrived at the Camp. When they saw Hades’s sign up her head, she could feel the fear at the campers faces.

At Camp Half-BloodEdit

Scarlett is mostly liked around camp. Some people tend to dislike her for her father, and a few even call her crazy.


Scarlett is nice. She is is a bit of a realist, and tends to have no humor. She usually takes things quite seriously.


Scarlett looks like a stereotypical child of Hades. With her dark hair, fair skin, and deep eyes she is basically an emo-poster-child.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Scarlett can talk to dead people
  • She has some skill with a sword
  • She also has respect/fear due to her father


  • Scarlett and Cato are in a relationship
  • Scarlett was born in Utah
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