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Tumblr RP Group

This is for a roleplay, called The New Camp Half Blood. You are free to check it out, click here to be redirected.

About the Camp

When the battle against the titans happened at 2010, a whole generation of demigods died and the original Camp Half Blood was completely destroyed. Now, 20 years later, the Camp is already rebuilt and trains and protects the new demigods. Welcome to the Camp Half Blood.

Phrase of the Week

"When my time comes I want to be buried face down. That way whoever doesn’t like me can kiss my ass."

Slideshow: Characters

  • Zoe Morgan
  • Hugo Castle
  • Zia Johnson
  • Leah Grady
  • Maaike Aina
  • Taryn Jones
  • Iker Ter Stegan
  • Estre Rosales
  • Delilah Smith
  • Cato Jones
  • Aria Clark
  • Elliot Cray
  • Cassieopa Villanueva
  • Arsen Stewart
  • Astrid Morrow
  • Anna Thompson
  • Cole Curry
  • Emberly Walkman
  • Rylen Young
  • Scarlet Guteberri
  • Mell Sikes
  • Abbey Lee
  • Lyra King

Photo of the Week


Catnip Everdeen

Newbies of the Week

Hugo Castle

Zia Johnson

Elliot Cray

Oliver Nakamura

Mell Sikes

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